Nantucket baskets are woven over a mould to which a base is attached. The base has a slot into which the ribs or staves are inserted and formed around the mould. Cane is used to weave tightly between the ribs. When the weaving is completed, the basket is removed from the mould. The rims are attached and laced with a narrow piece of cane which covers the ends of the ribs. The basket is then coated with shellac or polyurethane for durability. Finished handles are then added to complete the basket.
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Nantucket Picnic Basket

Nantucket Picnic Basket

This picnic basket measures approximately 18"x13"x12". It is constructed of oak staves and rims. Woven with cane, it has a cherry base and a hinged cherry lid. Ivory knobs complete this sturdy basket.


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If you would like to order, please e-mail for instructions. VISA, MC, Discover, money orders, or personal checks are accepted.

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