Decorations for Nantucket baskets may be of ivory, fossil, bone, wood, or other material. Typically ivory or fossil is used for knobs, pegs and lid decorations.

Lid decorations may be carved pieces or plaques with monochromatic or colored scrimshaw. Designs are unlimited.

Often a quarterborad of ivory or bone with the owner’s name is attached to the underside of the lid of a purse.

The lid, itself, may be of any type of wood, solid ivory, or of another material such as Corian.

Handles may be of wood, wood with an ivory overlay, or of ivory. Leather straps are also popular. They may be plain, braided or rolled and stitched. Sterling chains have also been used.

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8" Nantucket Heart Purse by Basketry, Etc.
8" Nantucket Heart Purse
Arawjo Purse
Nantucket Arawjo Purse
Mini Kidney Purse
Mini Nantucket Kidney Purse
Mini Creel Purse by Basketry, Etc.
Mini Nantucket Creel Purse
Small Kidney Purse
Large Nantucket Kidney Purse
Square Purse
Square Nantucket Purse
M&M Tote
M&M Nantucket Tote

Cocktail Purse
Annie's Nantucket Cocktail Purse

Nantucket Octagon Purse

Sue's Nantucket Tote

Mary's Nantucket Tote
Red Hatter Nantucket Tote
Red Hatter Nantucket Tote

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